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Ho Math Chess Puzzles

Summary of Ho Math Chess Puzzles

Watch our online video presentation, and the student will see the same screen.   

Ho Math Chess Puzzles ® is the only education learning centre dedicated to teaching children math through problem-solving and logical thinking by using a game-based approach - chess and puzzles. This methodology differentiates us from others. Ho Math Chess integrated worksheets using its own innovative and copyrighted technologies such as Geometry Chess Language, Ho Math Chess Teaching Set, Frankho ChessDoku, and Frankho ChessMaze to have created a series of exciting and fun math and chess integrated workbooks.

This unique philosophy and teaching method set Ho Math Chess apart from other math learning centers, chess clubs, or chess coaches. Ho Math Chess is a math-focused learning specialty centre. The students do not need to know any chess tactics or chess strategies. To use our worksheets, the students only need to know the basic chess moves. 

When compared to traditional worksheets, Ho Math Chess worksheets motivate, nurture, and inspire children in exploring math the fun way.  Ho Math Chess worksheets excite children's curiosity and arouse their thinking and make learning more enjoyable. Ho Math Chess worksheets are multi-function and integrate math, puzzle, chess, logic all in one. Ho Math Chess makes children happy when learning math. 

Today Ho Math Chess is an iconic international brand. It is the world authority on the unique math, and chess truly integrated teaching method with over 50 research papers published and over 30 workbooks produced using proprietary Frankho Geometry Chess Symbol (Trademarked and Canada copyright number 1069744).

Ho Math Chess offers one-of-its-kind and unique five subjects in 1 program, namely, math, IQ chess, mazes, puzzles, and brainpower improvement, by paying only one fee.

In a nutshell, we truly deliver what parents and children want. We have successfully integrated chess and puzzles into math by creating fun teaching materials that are unmatched by others. Our teaching method truly boosts children's math marks. Our workbooks and chess teaching set to improve children's brainpower.

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Beware of copycats who use similar names to Ho Math Chess with no teaching philosophy and no integrated math and chess curriculum. All Ho integrated innovative Math, and Chess workbooks for children are copyrighted and are proprietary property. 

Teaching Method

Ho Math Chess™ is the pioneer and world leader in the integrated math and chess teaching methodology Ho Math Chess teaching methodology has been published in a peer-reviewed math journal, click HERE for details. It has created the world's first integrated math and chess tutoring workbooks. These math tutor workbooks have been classroom-tested and proven to be effective in raising math marks, improving critical thinking ability, advancing chess knowledge, and increasing brainpower. Ho Math Chess™ is also the largest Vancouver math specialty tutor center.

  • Ho Math Chess is the world's only math, chess, and puzzles integrated specialty franchiser.
  • Papers on integrated teaching methods are published in a peer-reviewed math journal.
  • Ho Math Chess teaching method has been proven to be significant in raising students' math marks.
  • homathchess.com is the winner of The Teacher's Corner Honour Roll Award.
  • Google consistently ranks Ho Math Chess on the first page.
  • Entrepreneur lists Ho Math Chess as one of the top 500 franchisers.
  • Entrepreneur lists Ho Math Chess as #1 low investment cost franchise.
  • Award winner workbook for Frankho ChessDoku.

Who are we?

Ho Math Chess is a math specialty learning centre. It distinguishes itself in the highly competitive math learning centres with its world's first, unique, and effective math and chess integrated teaching method and copyrighted workbooks. The standard basics math program includes math and chess integrated worksheets for lower grades, elementary student. Our workbook Ultimate Math Contest, Problem Solving Strategies, and Math IQ Puzzles series is available for teaching math contest preparation, problem-solving strategies, and math IQ puzzles all three subjects in one workbook.  

Ho Math Chess is the world's most significant franchised math and chess specialty learning center. It is the leader in the supplemental math specialty education using chess as a teaching tool. It is renowned for its world's first integrated math and chess teaching method and math curriculum. Ho Math Chess sets itself apart from other learning centers or chess clubs in one unique teaching method; that is, it truly integrates chess into the math curriculum. Ho Math Chess believes children learn best when they have fun; with this in mind, and Ho Math Chess fosters a learning environment that is not only educational but also a fun place to learn math.

What do we do?

We offer tutoring services in mathematics for pre-k through Grade 7 students. Our teaching method is unique - children learn while having fun, and our workbooks are innovative and proven effective not only in raising math marks but also in improving problem-solving and logical thinking ability.

Our computation techniques do not deviate from the method taught in traditional educational settings — no memorization on special rules required when performing computations. The computation methodology the students will learn at Ho Math Chess is entirely in line with their schoolwork, so there will be no confusion. However, using our teaching method it will enhance a child's ability to understand math better. We have designed a curriculum to inspire children to understand the relationships between basics math operations. The relation between chess and math students will learn at Ho Math Chess will enhance their understanding of math concepts.

We align our math curriculum to any federal, state, provincial, or local standards. 

Using an integrative approach, the purposes of Ho Math and Chess program are to: 

  • Raise math marks.
  • Develop problem-solving ability.
  • Advanced chess knowledge.
  • Boost brainpower.
  • Improve memory.

Where are we located?

We are the only math and chess internationally franchised organization with offices at homes throughout the world.

Why does Ho Math Chess Program Work?

Research has shown that chess benefits children's math abilities. The main reason is chess involves many mathematical concepts, especially some that are not learned at lower grades. Ho Math Chess integrates chess symbols, chess values and chess moves into math workbooks. This innovative teaching method provides children with a new, fun, and more exciting way to learn math. A simple computation problem can become a multi-step and more challenging problem.

There are few ingredients in our program that make this teaching method most effective in raising a student's math marks, particularly for elementary or primary students with our true math and chess integrated workbooks.

We create a learning environment that is fun with interpersonal communication and sharing opportunities. We have the unique teaching method aiming to raise a child's math ability by instilling chess knowledge into math learning.

The most important is we created the world's first, copyrighted and proprietary math and chess integrated workbooks. They are classroom-tested and have been proven to be effective in improving math.  

An experiment was done by education consultant John Buky in the USA to see the results of using Ho Math Chess materials before and after, and the results showed math marks have improved statistically significant. The article "The Effect of Math and Chess Integrated Instruction on Math Scores" can be read by clicking HERE.

Unique Inventions

We have the following copyrighted, intellectual properties and inventions. We used these inventions to have created the world's first and unique, most effective math, chess, and puzzles integrated workbooks.

Geometry chess symbols

 used as a command language

Frankho ChessDoku

We publish the Frankho ChessDoku workbook.

Frankho ChessMaze

We publish in the series of books, Math Contest Preparation, Problem Solving Strategies, and Math IQ Puzzles.

Amandaho Moving Dots Puzzles

We publish in the series of books, Math Contest Preparation, Problem Solving Strategies, and Math IQ Puzzles.

Mathematical Chess Puzzles

See the image on this page.

Creation of IQ puzzles

We publish in the series of books, Math Contest Preparation, Problem Solving Strategies, and Math IQ Puzzles.

Ho Math Chess teaching set

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwxhujSQSTI

It is particularly suitable for children as young as five years old to use it to learn chess.

Click HERE to find out more about how math and chess are integrated at Ho Math Chess.

Learning Chess to Improve math

The students do no need to learn chess to use Ho Math Chess integrated workbooks.

Learning Chess to Improve Math is a unique workbook of learning chess and math at the same time. It uses an idea of learning chess and math in a two-column style and also working on mathematical chess puzzles. It trains students to use creative minds in varieties of hands-on, multi-concept, multi-direction, multi-operation, multi-sensory and visualization.


Chess provides ample hands-on opportunities. One has to move chess pieces to get a game going physically.


Math puzzles worksheets are designed to learn division while doing multiplication and learning subtraction while doing addition.


Chess is a multi-direction game. Some worksheets are designed in a way that the operation is no longer just a linear fashion from left to right. The direction could be from bottom to top, from left to right, and also diagonally or even crossed.


The learning of chess involves the eye, hands, and brain coordination. The math puzzle trains visualization.

Math is more than just computation, and children learn best when they have fun. Ho Math Chess integrated math and chess curriculum distinguishes itself from other learning centers and chess clubs in its unique teaching philosophy and innovative workbooks.

Tutor qualifications

Our screened tutors are either university graduates or specialists in their specialized fields. The tutor's communications with students are limited to tutoring matters only. Tutors only offer online tutoring and are not allowed to have any physical contacts or onsite tutoring. Any social activities with students are not part of the Ho Math Chess tutoring program.


Frank Ho, a Canadian math teacher, intrigued by the relationships between math and chess after teaching his son chess, started Ho Math Chess™ in 1995. His long-term devotion to research has led his son to become a FIDE chess master and Frank's publications of over 20 math workbooks. Today Ho Math Chess™ is the world's only franchised scholastic math, chess, and puzzles specialty learning centre. Ho Math Chess™ is a leading research organization in the field of math, chess, and puzzles integrated teaching methodology.

Ho founded the world's first math and chess learning centre by creating the world's first math and chess genuinely integrated workbooks for elementary students in Vancouver, Canada. He invented Frankho Symbolic Chess Language, intriguing Frankho ChessMaze, Frankho ChessDoku and also a unique new chess teaching set. He published a math and chess teaching theoretical basis in a Canadian math journal. The USA Illinois research data has shown statistically significant that Ho Math Chess teaching method increases children's math marks and also improves children's critical thinking skills before and after tests. The Ho Math Chess Teaching Set can improve children's memory by playing half-blind chess.


Ho Math Chess at Home = Math + Chess + Puzzles = A fun place to learn math at home.

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