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Ho Math Chess offers web-based, real-time tutoring with an emphasis on word-problem solving and critical thinking using unique word problems, math IQ puzzles, and mathematical chess puzzles. 

The features of Ho Math Chess at home are as follows: 

  • We teach what we are best at, only elementary mathematics from kindergarten to grade 7. Course subjects and grade levels offered at different locations may vary.
  • The student can see what the tutor is writing on paper in real-time.
  • The tutor can see what the student is writing on paper in real-time, subject to the student's optional use of a document camera or a graphics tablet such as iPad.
  • Real-time and online teaching.
  • Own proprietor's online unique teaching material.
  • Online chess lessons teaching platform.
  • A free trial lesson and a free ability assessment are offered. 
  • An one-on-one or small size group lesson can be arranged through each Ho Math Chess franchisee. 
  • Each franchisee is administered and managed independently, so fees and class times may vary.
  • Special and unique Ho Math Chess teaching method.
  • Each student is offered an individualized program tailed to his or her needs.

How to enroll my child?

Step 1

To get an in-home free math ability assessment, please click HERE.

Step 2

The tutor of Ho Math Chess will tailor the teaching workbooks to your child's ability after consulting with you using the results of the assessment.

Step 3

Parents can pay the fee through our secured online payment system by a credit card after filling out the Registration form.

Step 4

The tutor will arrange a tutor who will match your child's needs and time scheduled to start the lessons. 

Parents and children will receive ongoing support throughout the lesson period to reach the teaching goal.

Our guarantee

The new student can try the tutor half an hour lesson for free. 

Ho Math Chess locations

Ho Math Chess Program

All Ho Math Chess proprietary intellectual property and inventions are copyrighted and unique. All our workbooks, from basic computing to advanced word problem-solving, have integrated math, chess, and puzzles in varieties. Many of these workbooks are the world's first and rich in their contents. These workbooks and our teaching methodology are how we stand out among all tutoring centres.

To see our general program, please click HERE. Programs offered and fee charged may vary at different locations. Please contact location offices below for details. 

Online Chess lessons

Our online chess lessons are conducted using an online chess platform along with an online tutoring software, so the effect would be as if the chess coach is sitting in front of the student in the student's comfortable room. Chess coaches could also download Kvetka – a free chess analysis and teaching program to teach. This program allows us to add our Ho Math Chess font (ho math chess font.ttf) with the downloaded plugin, so the children as young as five years old can learn the chess moves very quickly. 

A free paper Ho Math Chess teaching set can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


Online Math Problem Solving, Mathematics and Chess Puzzle


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Located in Vancouver, Canada

Email company Director and Founder Frank Ho at fho1928@gmail.com for worldwide distriutorship right.

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