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Kindergarten Math
Kindergarten Challenging Math Program


The students only need to know how each chess piece moves and do not need to know any chess strategies or chess tactics to use Ho Math Chess workbooks.


Introducing Ho Math Chess

Kindergarten Challenging Math


Ho Math Chess= math + puzzles + chess


What is Ho Math Chess?

Frank Ho, a Canadian math teacher, intrigued by the relationships between math and chess after teaching his son chess started Ho Math Chess™ in 1995. His long-term devotion to research has led his son to become a FIDE chess master and Frank's publications of over 20 math workbooks.

There are hundreds of articles already published showing chess benefits children and that math puzzles are a very good way of improving brain power. So, by integrating chess and puzzles into math, the learning effect is more significant.

Today Ho Math Chess™ is the world's largest and the only scholastic math, chess and puzzles specialty learning centre. Ho Math Chess™ is a leading research organization in math, chess, and puzzles integrated teaching methodology.

What special is Kindergarten Challenging Math program?

Based in Canada, Ho Math Chess™ Learning Centre created a unique arithmetic program using chess moves and puzzles incorporated into our arithmetic material to teach pre-k and kindergarten children. Ho Math Chess™ also created a particular chess teaching set specially designed to teach youngsters as young as four. Based on our invention of copyrighted Geometry Chess Symbols, many of our revolutionary math workbooks have been published since 2011 using this disruptive intellectual property. We also invented some integrated math, Sudoku, and chess puzzles for kindergarten children. Our Frankho Math and Chess Puzzles book has won the Creative Child Award.

What special is Ho Math Chess™?

Parents send their children to Ho Math Chess™ because they like Ho Math Chess™ teaching philosophy – offering children problem-solving questions in various formats. The questions could be related to chess moves, chess puzzles, mathematical chess puzzles like logic, pattern, tree structure, Venn diagram, probability and many more math concepts.

Ho Math Chess™ has developed a series of unique and high-quality math, chess, and puzzles integrated workbooks. Ho Math Chess™ produced the world's first workbook Learning Chess to Improve Math. This workbook is for learning chess and enriching math ability, which sets Ho Math Chess apart from other math learning centres, chess club, or chess classes.

In 2013, Ho Math Chess published its one-of-its-kind math contest workbook specially designed for children from grade 1 to grade 7 to have an opportunity to test their intellectual understanding of an array of mental activities, including math computing problems, chess puzzles and mazes, and IQ puzzles. This is a very exceptional, all-around and high-order thinking mental exercise opportunity. There are no other math contests in the world similar to this one!

The teaching method at Ho Math Chess™ is to use math, chess, and puzzles integrated workbooks to teach children fun math. The purposes of Ho Math Chess™ teaching method and workbooks are to:

  • Improve math marks.
  • Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Improve logic thinking ability.
  • Boost brainpower.  

How to teach Kindergarten Challenging Math program?

It is a turn-key teaching opportunity. You can access all our workbooks through the internet in any classroom, any time through PC, laptop, iPad, cell phones etc. This allows your teachers to teach students using our printed or online materials. We offer online, free of charge, training on how to use our workbooks.

How to get more information on Ho Math Chess™  workbooks? 

You can view a sample of our workbooks through the following web site address:

Ho Math Chess Workbooks (citymaker.com)

  • To watch 4/5 years old children playing chess at Ho Math Chess, click HERE.
  • To watch 4/5 years old children working on Ho Math Chess worksheets, click HERE.
  • To watch 4/5 years old children working on Ho Math Chess worksheets, click HERE
  • To watch 4/5 years old children working on Ho Math Chess worksheets, click HERE.  

How to get more information on the Kindergarten Challenging Math program?


Phone or text: 604-263-4321

Email: fho1928@gmail.com




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