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Parents and Students Testimonials

We do not make a bold claim to offer a guarantee on your children's future math marks, nor do we claim to supercharge your children to skip grades. We provide excellent teaching materials and methods with genuine caring for your children's performance. As long as your child behaviours well in the tutoring class and do all assignments from day school also the homework form Ho Math Chess, your child's math marks will improve.

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for tutoring Jacqueline over the past years. Jacqueline would not have achieved what she has now without help from your Learning Centre. I am very touched by your passion for giving your absolute best to your students.  We are so fortunate to have found Frank. Jo

I enjoyed your classes these two years very much. I learned a lot about math and chess skills. Thank you for teaching me when I have problems. My parents and I think you are an excellent teacher. I will miss your classes! Happy Halloween! Jonathan W

My children, James and Anne, are happy to have Ho Math Chess closed to home since they know they are doing very well in math at school after suffering for years!! I only have words of thanking Frank HO, for creating such materials to teach math having fun with chess. Maia J

One of the issues with math education is that often students are taught to memorize math facts and never really learn and develop skills, so as a teacher, I view the progress on some of my students, and the secret is they are participating in Ho Math Chess Centers. Congratulations!  Francisco S

Research states that playing chess helps students with their math skills. Ho Math Chess makes the connection between the two with their integrated curriculum. This program points out the similarities in side by side exercises. It is a fun way to learn math (and chess!) .It is a fresh approach to teaching math and yet fun and effective! Kerrie M

As someone having a bachelor of science in pure math and years of tutoring experience, I have found the unique program at the Ho Math Chess Learning Centre incredibly fun and engaging. It is exciting to see the kids having fun learning math and chess. The best thing is that while kids have fun, they sharpen their math and chess skills and do better in school. Yiming Y

It has been nothing but learning and laughter in my math class at Ho Math Chess. I have been able to keep up my marks and also made friends at the learning center. I always have a smile on my face when I am at Ho Math Chess. There is no stress, no worry, but doing math work in a happy mood. I like Ho math Chess. This is the third year I am with Ho math Chess, and I think I will stay with Ho Math until I graduate from high school. My sister and brother are also attending Ho math Chess at the same time but in different classes. Mary

I started learning in Ho Math Chess with Frank's help when I was in grade 5. Since my grade 4 teacher was not strict, I started getting a lot of C's in grade 5. So, my mother sent me into Ho Math Chess. My C's were still C's in the 2nd term, but it was more of a better rate than the first. Then suddenly in 3rd term, I started getting B's! So, when I went into grade 6, I got A's and A's and more A's because I caught up with everyone else during the Summer vacation. I am in grade 7 (2006-2007), and I still have those A's. I caught up in math, but I am not the best yet a good helper in math when someone in my class misunderstands it. This class not only taught me math but also some English because I am communicating with someone for 2 hrs! Thank you again to Ho Math Chess for helping me in math when I was about to drown in the embarrassment of all those C's!!!  Eileen


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