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Ho Math Chess is an online home-based model using Microsoft OneNote electronic version workbooks. We are the only child education learning centre dedicated to teaching children fun math through the integrated use of math, chess, and puzzles. 

Ho Math Chess invented Frankho ChessDoku, ChessMazes and the world's first math and chess integrated workbooks (copyright 1069744) using the proprietary intellectual property.  

Ho Math Chess teaching method was published in Vector (Fall 2007, V 48, I 3), the official journal of the British Columbia Association of Mathematics Teachers in Canada. We invented a unique teaching set (trademark TMA 771400) so that children as young as four years old can learn chess. 

Online assessment, registration, payment systems are offered. 

Advantages of joining Ho Math Chess As A Distributor       

  • Can work part-time or full-time at home, no storefront space needed.
  • No royalty, no per student, no materials fee to pay, only one flat yearly fee. No inventory to stock.
  • Pay no business rent, no business liability insurance, no extra utilities, no business car insurance, no extra gas, no extra phone line, no business property tax.
  • The set-up cost is almost zero, and the business can be launched in a few days after joining. 
  • Use a brand name Ho Math Chess.
  • Use online proprietary unique teaching materials, so no creation of teaching materials is required.
  • The Inventor of Ho Math Chess teaching chess set with Canadian Intellectual Property Office Trademarks Certificate registration Number TMA771400 (It can be renewed in July 2025). 
  • Exclusive territory protection through our online registration system, which can be tailored to your business need.
  • The fee includes the use of online registration with credit card payment software tailored to your organization, online math ability assessment, and our unique online teaching materials using Microsoft OneNote. A paper Ho Math Chess set and chessboard can be printed from the following link.


  • Total registration and tuition collection control and the student management of your own learning centre at home.
  • You can sell unique and effective workbooks to parents.
  • Only teaches math from grade 1 to grade 6/7, no chess play knowledge is required other than the knowledge of basic chess moves.
  • Can hire other teachers.
  • Chess teaching is handled by an online teaching platform.
  • Set up the entire online at home tutoring system in a few weeks as soon as the document camera equipment is ordered and arrived at your home.
  • We teach you how to use our online teaching materials and how to use them to teach students.

Email company Director and Founder Frank Ho at fho1928@gmail.com for worldwide distriutorship right.

Please click HERE to submit Distributor Enquiry Form if you are interested.

Ho Math Chess at home is headquartered

in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

It is a federally registered incorporation.


In no event, Ho Math Chess or its employees shall be liable for any loss, expenses, or damage arising out of the use of Ho Math Chess software, programs, teaching method, or materials.


Ho Math Chess at Home = Math + Chess + Puzzles = A fun place to learn math at home.

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