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Free online Math Ability Assessment and Free Trial Lesson

No credit card required to have a free math ability assessment and a free math trial lesson, no obligation.


Thank you for requesting a free online Math Ability Assessment for your child. After making the request, you will then be contacted by Ho Math Chess at Home to offer further assistance.

To complete the assessment procedure, please follow the following steps.

Step 1, If you would like to have a Grades 1 to 7 free online Math Ability Assessment for your child, then click HERE with no obligation. Please send an email to homathchess@homathchess.com to request a  free math ability assessment if your child is over grade 7 by indicating the city where your child lives.

Step 2, Print the contents of the Math Ability Assessment problems.

Step 3, Supervise your child to finish the problems.

Step 4, Use your cell phone to take a picture of each of your child's finished sheets or scan sheets, and email the images to the tutor at Ho Math Chess, who had contacted you.

After receiving your child's answered sheet images, Ho Math Chess tutor will contact you to have a free trial lesson to go over the results with the parent and child through online system and offer some recommendations, all free of charge, with no obligation.


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