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Free Chess Assessment
Want to play chess with me?

No credit card required to have a free chess ability assessment and a free chess trial lesson, no obligation.


The parent can request a free chess trial lesson after submitting the Chess Ability Assessment. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1. The parent fills out the Chess Ability Assessment for the child after clicking HERE.

Step 2. The chess tutor at Ho Math Chess will contact you after you submit your Chess Ability Assessment request form to arrange a mutually convenient time with you and your child to conduct a free chess trial lesson based on the information you submitted on the Chess Ability Assessment form.

Step 3. In the trial lesson, the chess tutor will also talk about the 12-session discount and also the promo discount and the requirement of purchasing the chess workbook and the mathematical chess puzzles workbook if you are interested. The chess tutor will guide you and assist you to go to the website www.homathchess.co to register and pay the fee with your credit card or PayPal account.

Now you have completed the entire registration cycle from assessment to registration and just wait for the exciting chess lesson to begin. 


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