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"Ho Math Chess" is a registered trademark of Ho Math Chess Learning centre. Ho Math Chess was founded by a former Canadian certified math teacher, Frank Ho, who was inspired by the intriguing relationship between math and chess when he started to teach his son chess at the age of 5. His son later became a FIDE chess master and the youngest Canadian Junior Chess Champion at age 12. After doing research and finding out that no math and chess integrated workbooks were available on the market, Frank decided to take the initiative to publish his own math and chess integrated workbooks. 

Ho Math Chess is trademarked with Frank's last name to acknowledge the heritage of Ho Math Chess and also its founder's vision and teaching philosophy initiated by Frank Ho. "Ho" itself reveals the story of how and why Ho Math  Chess was started, much like the story of how Kumon (A Japanese surname) Math and Reading was created.

"Ho" can be traced to the root of being a Chinese surname but its original pronunciation in Chinese should be more sound like "her" instead of "ho". There are also many variations of English spelling on this one of the most popular Chinese surnames. Only ignorance toward other people's culture and disrespectful attitude will play a role in mocking the surname "Ho" as being part of Ho Math Chess Learning centre's trademark.

Today, Ho Math Chess is a global business. With more and more franchisees from around the world adopting the Ho Math Chess vision, increased recognition of the trademarked name, the reputation of Ho Math  Chess is growing into a world-renowned and established education learning centre.

Ho Math  Chess represents an unique teaching method and brings an innovative teaching pedagogy to the fundamental  mathematics teaching.

After using Ho Math Chess workbooks, children start to realize that math is not only about computation, but also more to do with information processing.


Ho Math Chess at Home = Math + Chess + Puzzles = A fun place to learn math at home.

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