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Ho Math Chess Method

Ho Math Chess is math learning program designed to help children master the basics of mathematics using a unique and innovative math and chess integrated workbooks to not only build a child's good math foundation but also build their skills in problem-solving and critical thinking skills. All these skills are being developed in an educating and entertaining environment.

Mr. Frank Ho, a professional Canadian certified math teacher, created the first integrated math and chess workbook in 1993 when he was intrigued by the relation between math and chess after teaching his 5-year old son chess.

At Ho Math Chess, we take an integrative approach to help each child develop a solid math foundation in an educational but also fun environment by truly integrating chess moves into our math worksheets. Mr. Frank Ho studied the relationship between math and chess and as a result invented the Symbolic Chess Language to link math and chess. This is considered a major breakthrough in the research of math and chess integrated teaching method. This unique philosophy and teaching method set Ho Math Chess apart from other math learning centers, chess clubs, or chess coaches.

Children learn best while they play. Integrated math and chess curriculum provides children with an unparalleled learning experience and a hands-on approach.

The goals of Ho Math Chess are to:

  • Raise math marks.
  • Improve problem-solving ability.
  • Advance chess knowledge.
  • Enhance brainpower.

Why Ho Math Chess method works?

It is important to realize that the Ho Math Chess method is only designed for elementary students. There are many so-called 'new math teaching methods' for elementary students. These methods can include drills, abacus, mental math etc. When I invented the Ho Math Chess method, I learned a lesson from teaching my son chess. Let me explain as follows.

By modifying existing chess game rules or pieces, and then calling it a new game, does not gain mainstream popularity among chess players.  Rather, Ho Math Chess chose to stay with the traditional method of doing math through chess with no variations.

So why do so many students learn mental math using the abacus and then give it up after a few years of training?  I believe one reason is that their day schools are not using the same calculation methods that children are taught at abacus learning centers. The other reason is it requires students to have tremendous training and most students just do not have enough time to take the additional training to use an abacus. 

Why do drill and repetitive homework sheets cause arguments between children and parents at home?  I believe it is because some children are drilled so much that they get very bored doing repetitive work.

In most cases, it is common for children to argue with their parents when parents are trying to teach their own children, the self-learning method failed because of this reason.

At Ho Math Chess, we take an all-around approach that encompasses work on traditional calculation problems in math and chess mixed format. These worksheets require students to further develop their calculative skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  As a result, these activities end up stimulating more of their brain cells.

In addition, children are challenged by word problem-solving types of questions and mathematical chess puzzles to further develop their problem-solving ability.  The multi-task chess movements enhance their critical thinking skills.  The learning happens in an educational, fun environment and we all know kids learn best when they are having fun.


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