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Ho Math and Chess Illinois
Illinois, USA

Chicago Chess Academy

Lococation: Lincolnwood, Illinois 60634, USA

Text or Phone: 773-414-2967

Email: illinoishomathandchess@comcast.net

Who we are

  • John Buky manages Chicago Chess Academy. John Buky, a well-known expert in the integrated math and chess teaching field, is a USA certified teacher with 30 years of teaching and chess coaching experience. John has done pioneering work in the areas of education and chess.
  • Our integrated reading, math and chess program is a dynamic and engaging program that motivates all learners - along with 23% math ISAT gains and four years of statistically significant reading and math gains on standardized tests! Chess Academy offers a variety of programming that can be used as part of the instructional day, extended day or any after school program. Call us to discuss flexible options to meet your educational requirements. Our programs include the world's first Integrated reading, math and chess program (Including Spanish bilingual), online learning solutions in both reading and math, ELL programs, staff development with CPDU's, chess instructional programs (all Levels). 

What we do

Chess program

Our chess program emphasizes fun and critical thinking skills, so the world-renowned Learning Chess to Improve Math will be used as a core teaching material for the beginners. All students will be assessed on their chess ability to be placed at an appropriate level. Each students will be offered with an individualized program and be taught in an online, one-on-one, real-time environment by a qualified chess instructor. Please contact John at Chess Academy for more information on educational workshops and enrichment programming. 

Chess Levels

  • Pawn level (beginner)
  • Knight level (intermediate)
  • Bishop level (Advanced)
  • Queen level (pro)
  • King level (Competition)

Class Fee

The class class length (per session) is one hour, and its cost is US $45 for one-on-one tutoring with a minimum payment of 4 sessions required. All fees must be paid in advance before class starts. 

How to register

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