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Frankho ChessMaze


Ho Math and Chess invents Frankho Chess Maze

British Columbia Canada -- Oct 16, 2007 --

Ho Math Chess invents Frankho ChessMaze 

Frank Ho, CEO and founder of Ho Math Chess, is delighted to announce the innovative invention of Frankho ChessMaze - a unique maze created by using the Symbolic Chess Symbol. 

Both Frankho chess maze and Symbolic Chess Symbol are invented by Frank Ho and are under the intellectual protection.

FrankHo ChessMaze for children are different from ordinary mazes in the following several characteristics.

  • Children not only bump roadblocks or blind spots by following the grid paths, but the symbolic chess language also gives more choices to children to steer to a 3-D direction. 
  • Children not only just trace but also need to develop a “vision“ to see the roadblocks, blind spots, and bottlenecks as well as opportunities to turn, jump, or move around according to symbolic chess commands. 
  • To reach the king square, children need to monitor the plan by moving toward the king in chess moves and continuously check if the path is off track, it is a highly engaged maze and provides mental entertainment and also brain exercise.

To watch video clip on Frankho Chess Maze, click HERE.


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