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Ho Math Chess™ Vancouver East


Location: 4966 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5P 3T6
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r Phone: Aaron Woo at 604-781-0175 

Email: homathchess@gmail.com



Who We Are


Mr. Aaron Woo runs this excellent learning centre. Aaron enjoys working with children and loves teaching youngsters and has a passion for educating the future generation. Aaron likes the teaching philosophy of Ho Math and Chess, using chess as a teaching tool for math and its very unique and excellent workbooks.


Aaron has a Bachelor of Education degree majoring in mathematics and general science and over ten years of teaching and consulting experience, including working as a private tutor and private schools. Aaron is a warm, enthusiastic and caring person who loves children and has a passion for teaching.


Beware of copycats who use similar names to Ho Math Chess with no teaching philosophy and no integrated math and chess curriculum.


What We Do




2-hour per session and minimum one session per week.




One and half hour to two-hour per session and minimum one session per week.


How to Register


Step 1. The student's math ability (from kindergarten to grade 7) should be assessed by clicking HERE. Please text a message to 604-781-0175 for any students who are grade 8 or above for a math ability assessment.

Step 2. To register and pay fee, please text a message to 604-781-0175.

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Ho Math Chess at Home = Math + Chess + Puzzles = A fun place to learn math at home.

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