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  • Location: Florida, USA
  • Phone: 773-414-2967


 Ho Math and Chess Florida is located in Florida, USA and is managed by Mr. John Buky.  




Mr. John Buky - a well-known expert in the integrated math and chess teaching field.

John is an USA certified teacher with 15 years of teaching and chess coaching experience. John has done pioneering work in the fields of education and chess and serves as a member of the United States Chess Federation Chess in Education Committee. He was awarded the Fund For Teachers Grant for the project: Integrating Chess Into the Elementary Mathematics School Curriculum which paves the way towards bringing chess into every elementary Chicago public school classroom.

Mr. Ho, the founder of Ho Math and Chess, says "With John's strong and solid academic background and well-diversified consulting and teaching experiences, We firmly believe that John will be a great asset for students in the Florida state, USA".

Please phone john at 773-414-2967 for details on course information or suggestions.  Email: illinoishomathandchess@comcast.net  

All classes are conducted in English or could be also in Spanish.


Employing a teaching philosophy and vision with chess as a teaching tool, Ho Math and Chess gets children interested in learning math. How are chess and math related? Ho Math and Chess has been embarking on this intriguing quest since 1995 and as a result, created integrated world's first commercially available math and chess workbooks. The most surprising finding was that some math concepts used in playing chess are not taught during the first few years of schooling (Visit www.mathandchess.com for free article: Comparing BC math curriculum and chess for details).


Ho Math and Chess is the pioneer and world leader in integrating math and chess teaching, with in-depth research and worldwide franchisees to serve you.


Its unique teaching method integrates math and chess in such a way that students learn to visualize and analyze integrated math and chess problems. The analyzed information is then converted into meaningful numerical values.


These integrated workbooks have been tested and proven to improve visualization, spatial relationships and critical thinking skills, in addition to fundamental computational skills. Published research papers written by Frank Ho can be found at www.mathandchess.com.


The Ho Math and Chess program is approved by the USA Illinois state of Education Board as a Supplemental Education Program.

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