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Home-based Ho Math Chess Franchise Business Opportunity FAQs
Possibly the best mathematics tutor learning center franchise opportunity

Incredible Franchise Deal !!!

A franchising opportunity from Canada.

There is no upfront franchise fee, no monthly per student fee and no monthly royalty fee. You, as a franchisee, only have to pay a flat nominal annual franchise fee and that is all. There are no other hidden franchise fees to pay. It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?  Pinch yourself, it is true. Territory protected franchise. Once the city is assigned then it is gone! Don't kick yourself because you missed this fantastic opportunity.

This could be your once-in-a-life-time opportunity to get a franchise you ever dreamed - buying a internationally recognized learning center brand name Ho Math Chesswith a unique product in a protected territory. No inventory to stock, no equipment to buy, It sounds too good to be true, doesn't? But it is true, so you got to check it out, don't just take my word for it.

From running a successful franchising business point of view, we take a very radical approach which is very different from the conventional way of franchising, that is the conventional franchising model charges upfront fee, monthly fee, and royalty fee. Most franchisors never grow to be a worldwide and successfully. Every month the franchisee pays large portion earned to the franchisor. We believe in the number of franchisees is the discriminating factor between a successful franchisor or not.

We want you to be successful and also be rewarded handsomely. What we hope to achieve is the ever increasing number of franchisees using our products so that more children will benefit from our products.

Our goal is not to get something upfront, instead we want to get you to join us and build a long term relationship with us. We want you to be our partner and build future assets we all could be proud of.

Over 20 years of our devotion to the conquest of integrating math, chess and puzzles, we finally succeed in bringing these three subjects together with great success. There is really no need for children to work on "bad", "drill" or "boring" math workbooks. You could help us spread the good news by joining our team. 

Ho Math Chessis a franchisor and is subject to Canada local and provincial disclosure laws. To be fair, after you finish reading this section and you seriously want to pursue,  Please click the Steps to Get a Franchise button to fill out one form. This is the first step you have to take before the franchising dream becomes true.  We will review your qualifications after we receive your completed Request for Consideration application form.

Thank you very much for your interest in Ho Math Chess  and I look forward to hearing from you.

Frank Ho

Founder of Ho Math  Chess™ Learning Centre

P.S. We don't know if the location you always wanted for a franchise would still be around while you are hesitant to make a decision. Don't kick yourself if you missed this true opportunity. 

All information expressed on web or downloaded is not intended as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. No franchise is offered unless and until all applicable legal requirements are complied in all jurisdictions.

Why is it called "Ho Math Chess"?

"Ho Math Chess" is a registered trademark of Ho Math Chess Learning centre. Ho Math Chess was founded by a former Canadian certified math teacher, Frank Ho, who was inspired by the intriguing relationship between math and chess when he started to teach his son chess at the age of 5. His son later became a FIDE chess master and the youngest Canadian Junior Chess Champion at age 12. After doing research and finding out that no math and chess integrated workbooks were available on the market, Frank decided to take the initiative to publish his own math and chess integrated workbooks. 

Ho Math Chess is trademarked with Frank's last name to acknowledge the heritage of Ho Math Chess and also its founder's vision and teaching philosophy initiated by Frank Ho. "Ho" itself reveals the story of how and why Ho Math  Chess was started, much like the story of how Kumon (A Japanese surname) Math and Reading was created.

"Ho" can be traced to the root of being a Chinese surname but its original pronunciation in Chinese should be more sound like "her" instead of "ho". There are also many variations of English spelling on this one of the most popular Chinese surnames. Only ignorance toward other people's culture and disrespectful attitude will play a role in mocking the surname "Ho" as being part of Ho Math Chess Learning centre's trademark.

Today, Ho Math Chess is a global business. With more and more franchisees from around the world adopting the Ho Math Chess vision, increased recognition of the trademarked name, the reputation of Ho Math  Chess is growing into a world-renowned and established education learning centre.

Ho Math  Chess represents an unique teaching method and brings an innovative teaching pedagogy to the fundamental  mathematics teaching.

After using Ho Math Chess workbooks, children start to realize that math is not only about computation, but also more to do with information processing.

Why buy a franchise in child education?

If one were to buy a business, it is a good idea to buy a recession proof business with no inventory to carry and no expensive equipment to buy. Education franchise is one of them - it does not matter how bleak the economic outlook, parents would still spend disposable income on children's education, it is an investment for their future.

Facing the ever increasing high standard of universities' and private schools' entrance requirements, lots of parents no longer consider tutoring as a luxury but often a necessary expense in lending a helping hand to their children. Parents start to think getting more help in tutoring is much like taking extra soccer lessons: one is more for brain exercise and the other is more for physical exercise.

The learning centre is a growth building business and it is born out of children's needs. It fills the gap where the regular education system is unable to achieve. The learning centre helps children explore their potential and challenge their abilities and makes them understand that extra hard work is paying off for them when their marks are increased.

How can I tell if a learning centre is a good one?

Many of our students enrolled in Ho Math Chess Learning Centre, stayed long enough to see their tutors grow grey hair and we saw them grow taller than us. The main reason is we have the best teaching method and materials in town. The students turn over rate is a good indicator to tell how well the learning centre is being run. How do we get our students? We get lots of students by word of mouth.

Children are happy at Ho Math Chess, we have the unique workbooks make them feel math is fun when compared to other centres' teaching materials. 

How to decide if a learning centre is a good one? Study the indicators as mentioned above like student's turn over rate, ways of getting students, teaching materials, founder's philosophy in teaching, teacher's qualifications, and the qualities of students, classroom environment etc. 

Why buying a specialized math learning centre is a good choice?

If buying a children-education franchise is a good choice when buying a franchise then buying a math tutoring business is like getting a niche market in children-education franchise business.

The math subject is a required subject from grade 1 to grade 12, there are no other subjects having this kind of requirement, not physics, not chemistry, not chess.

Why students transferred to Ho Math Chess from other centres?

Ho Math Chess is the only organization in the world started offering math and chess program at the same site and has the teaching material which combines math, chess and puzzles all in one. Chess is a brain exercise game and with it in the classroom, it enhances student's interest in learning math.

We have analyzed other learning centres' business models and studied their teaching materials for years and watched carefully how they operated and also asked their students' and parents' responses when they transferred to our learning centres. Very often we heard students transferred from other learning centres to us making comments like the following:

  • The materials are mostly just drill and drill. There are very little problem-solving contents.
  • The tutor did not really teach other than just marked materials and my mom had to teach me.
  • I could not even get help on my homework since the tutor taught in lecture style.
  • They charged much higher price per hour and we could not afford to go there for too long.
  • The materials are boring.

How is Ho Math Chess different from others?

To open a learning centre is not as easy as to just buy math workbooks from bookstore and rent a place and hang a learning centre sign - the is the fast way of wasting money, time and energy. To run a successful learning centre, the followings are very important ingredients for success: 

1. Identifiable brand with visionary philosophy

We have a very clearly Identifiable and well-known "Ho Math Chess" brand name (search keyword "math and chess" to find out) that is to use chess as a teaching tool in learning math. This philosophy has been thoroughly researched in the past with very encouraging results and also have been well documented by researchers and teachers. Children learn best while having fun.

There will be no arm twisting to convince parents on the philosophy why choose Ho Math Chess learning centre other than gently remind them to browse through www.mathandchess.com for more details.

2. Unique sellable product

We have very unique products. These productst are copyright protected by law.

It is very possible one could start a Ho Math Chess learning centre and it gradually becomes the best place to learn math in its territory due to the unique concept of learning math and also is backed up by a wonderful workbook.

3. Consistent and systematic teaching method.

We have Ho Math Chess Method© so that at each centre the teaching method is consistent and systematic from centre to centre worldwide. This teaching methodology is just wonderful and powerful.

Do not buy a learning centre franchise which does not have the above very distinguishable characteristics.

Why should I buy Ho Math Chess, not others?

A very good question asked. There are already some established franchised learning centres on the market now. So why would it still be a good idea to buy a franchise from us?

We have analyzed and classified learning centres into 2 major categories: the general one and the specialized one. The general one offers courses for math, physics, SAT, English, TOEFL, GRE to martial arts. We all know the consequence is none of these generalized learning centre will survive too long and the reason is simplly because they spead their resources too thin. The survival rate for the specialized one is much higher like math learning center.

The biggest problem for the math drill centres is their materials are basically just drill, drill, and drill. They only give out loose sheets every time (some parents could just buy material and teach at home if the entire workbook is given out.). The truth is they do not rely on teacher's teaching at all but totally rely on children's self-learning by using repetitive worksheets with a small incremental knowledge of each problem on each worksheet. Some students get bored when working on tons of repetitive worksheets. They need to be challenged and their brains need to be stimulated by a variety of problems and this is where we come in to fulfill students' wishes.


So I knew there is room for another type of specialized math learning centre to grow. However If I only have the competitive edge of offering problem solving teaching then there would be no point for me to franchise since there would be many copycats all over.

Nowadays, To offer learning center franchising, it means there must be an indentifiable, marketable, brand name, proprietary product with effective and interesting contents. We have got this kind product. This is the main reson that we are to franchise now.  It takes over 10 years of devotion to fine tune my mathematical chess puzzles to the stage that I am ready to offer it to the world, The teaching material is copyright protected and all the ideas of how to create math and chess worksheets orginated from me.  We have got an identifiable, unique, and sellable math product that no others have done.    

Many specialized math learning centres out there use loose math worksheets produced by some teachers who have been teaching in that learning centre. The owner collects all of them together and proclaims they have the most effective teaching material. Caveat emptor, do not buy any franchise like that. We put some of our worksheets on web and you could download or see them right in front of you. Other speiclized math centres may heavily concentrate on math contest preparation and we have seen some of these students could not get A even through they studied on math contest problems because what they learned at the math contest centre is different from what they learn at day schools, so this also causes problems for some students by going to this kind of specialized math centres.

We have created products in 3 areas: school math, enriched and math contests that are different from others and our material is superior in quality and unique and truly effective. This is the most important differential factor that we are different from others.

Why is the mathematical chess puzzle material so unique?

Our special materials do attract more elementary students coming to our centre than going to others. With the same dollar amount paid, parents now-a-days, are looking for extra competitive edge and quality teaching for their children when searching for a learning centre and we offer these extra advantages like:

We teach, not just mark materials.

We teach problem-solving skills, not just drills.

We have unique teaching material using chess as a learning tool and it is more interesting from children's prospective. Some contents of out math materials are at the math contest level.

Further, with all the above extra advantages, our fee is not higher but very competitive given the quality offered.

The most important is once we get these elementary students enrolled, we would like to build long term relationship with them and they stay with us. We build a steady pool of elementary school students who would like to stay with us for long term.

We are not in a business to get some students by giving them the first good impression but then they are gone in a month or 2. What interests us the most is how we go about doing a good teaching so that they are willing to stay with us for long term. The good teaching means we have the right, high quality and unique workbooks, excellent teachers, consistent teaching method with built-in checking system, and very reasonable fee.

What can Ho Math Chess do for me that I can't do for myself?

Excellent question, why buy a Ho Math Chess franchise and what unique is about Ho Math Chess? How about go to the bookstore and buy some math workbooks and then set up a learning centre myself? Why buy Ho Math Chess franchise, not other franchised learning centre?

Ho Math Chess has products that others do not have. Our chess material incorporated mathematical chess puzzles are copyright protected and originated and created by Frank Ho. There are no other places where this kind of teaching is offered. Vancouver Ho Math Chess learning Centre is the first in the world where integrated math and mathematical chess puzzles are offered.

Be very caution when buying other franchised learning centres, do they have a very unique math product to offer?

Your attention should be first to discriminate the contents of the material. This is very important. Our material has evolved over the past 20 years and is the world leader in developing the mathematical chess puzzles. Our material is uniformally formatted and professionally created with years of real teaching experience and fine-tuned to match students' diversified backgrounds. If some one is paid with Canadian $50,000 a year for 20 years to develop the entire set of workbooks and field-tested, the salary cost alone would be one million.

Is your workbook a niche product and can we sell it?

Mr. Frank Ho invented the copyrighted Symbolic Chess Language (SCL) and he also created the world's first math and chess integrated workbook using SCL. There are many unique computation formats and ideas in the workbook, which are originally designed and created by him. This is a proprietary product and is copyright protected. No one else has ever created such a product for students from kindergarten 1 to grade 7 for the purpose of learning math and chess together. Form the product's view it is a niche marketing product - unique and in demand with specific targeted customers. These workbooks have been proven statistically significant in raising students' math marks and improving their problem-solving and critical thinking ability.

We offer the reprint and resale rights to franchisees in their protected territories, it means none could sell the product other than the franchisees in the protected territories.

Only rhe franchisees can purchase our materials (other than the ones displayed on www.amazon.com) and then sell to parents.


What is Ho Math Chess' s privacy policy?

Ho Math Chess will not sell, lend, or share your personal information without your agreement.

How do you feel the successful rate?

You will succeed if you do not think of just making money. This is a true story of Frank Ho when he first started the Vancouver Ho Math Chess learning centre. He did not start with the idea of making money, he treated it as something I have passion to do and only hoped to make it profitable so that I could continue to run it. he was very honest with parents and with tutors and they could actually "see" it, the word of mouth got his business going..

You will succeed if you are a hard working and honest person with good communication skill, charge a reasonable fee and hire excellent tutors and finally use my material and Ho Math Chess teaching system.  

The reason of using our material is very simple but the difficulty is most people do not understand it. Check many learning centres, you will find lots of them do not teach math below grade 3 and many tutors also do not teach elementary students. Why? The reason is it is difficult to find a very good tset of eaching material.

What math do you teach to a grade 1 kid in 2 hours of tutoring every week? This is why chess and puzzles are good teaching tool in this case, they are excellent teaching aids and they add lots of interest in solving math problems.

How much is the total investment needed?

Currently, there is no initial franchise fee, no monthly royalty/per student, no monthly franchise fee charged.  We only charge a flat nominal annual nominal fee for each location and the franchise is territory protected.

If you are interested in securing a major city location then you must act fast. Once the major city territory is allocated, then the opportunity is gone.

How much do I charge each student?

We suggest you go along with your local market condition.  Normally the fee in Vancouver could range from $15 to $55 per student per hour with 4 to 6 students per class.

What qualifications are you looking for?

We particularly are interesting in candidates processing the following qualifications:

  • High integrity. We value this very highly.
  • Owner of learning centres but do not currently offer any mathematics courses.
  • Love working with children and is interested in teaching mathematics, chess, and puzzles..
  • A good communicator with logic mind.
  • Has a degree in math or science.
  • Interested in growing the learning centre to be a full-time career.
  • Be able to communicate in English fluently.

Exceptions to the above qualifications deficiency can be made when a candidate possesses extraordinary experiences and other special abilities.

What kind of support and training does Ho Math Chess provide?

We want you to succeed. We will endeavour to help whatever we can. We will provide you with the following support:

1. Training is provided at Ho Math Chess headquarter free of charge if the franchisee pays transporation and room and board. Alternatively, we would help you through e-mails, fax, or web conference with no charge at our best effort condition.

2. You would be provided with our unique workbooks at wholesale prices.

3. You would be provided with Math Chess teacher's guide using Ho Math  Chess Method©. The teaching system is very well structured and consistent from teacher to teacher.

4. Your location will be advertised at the Ho Math Chess headquarter web site www.mathandchess.com. All locations must be approved by Ho Math Chess to protect territories.

5. You get to use the consistent trademark name "Ho Math Chess"  Learning Centre in your business to attract more students.

6. We help you in marketing plan. . 

7. Assistance in setting up all necessary operations and business forms required to run a successful learning centre. Assistance in getting chess and puzzles teaching business at schools.

8. Continued updates and revisions to our proprietary materials.

How many students do I need to make a profit?

If you already own a learning centre then the breakeven point annually is more or less the annual franchise fee paid to the franchisor. If you have 3 students and each is charged with US $33 per week then for a month (4 weeks), you would get roughly US $500.

Is the Ho Math Chess franchise a locked-in business?

If you are not committed the learning centre business for long term, the we would suggest you not get into this business. The learning centre business is built on word of mouth in the long run so the long term commitment with the franchisor and the long lasting harmony relationship building with local community are essential.

You are not locked in. If you could not really make the business viable, then we do not really want you to stay with us. We want someone who is genuinely interested in children education and is willing to work hard to make it a successful career.

What is the requirement to buy suppplies through the franchisor?

The Ho Math Chess franchisee only requires to use Math Chess workbooks as the core teaching material for teaching math from kindergarten, grade 1 to grade 7.  These workbooks could be sold to students.

I own a language learning/computer centre, can I buy the franchise?

We like to be in partnership with existing learning centres where no math courses are offered (or any learning centres who are not doing well in math.).

Many people got the wrong impression in thinking to open a learning centre is the easiest way to get into self-employed business - no inventory to buy, low start-up costs (only need to buy chairs and tables.), not a 9 to 5 job etc. This is wrong.

Is Ho Math Chess franchise territory protected?

Yes, each Ho Math Chess franchisee's territory is designated based on the city geographical boundary.

Does Ho Math Chess offer financing?

We do not currently offer financing to franchisee.

Can I sell my Ho Math Chess franchise?

Yes. A successful Ho Math Chess franchise business is like an asset, you can sell your franchise to a buyer approved by Ho Math Chess headquarters.

Ho Math Chess = A Cool and Fun Way to Learn Math!©


Ho Math Chess at Home = Math + Chess + Puzzles = A fun place to learn math at home.

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