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Most of our research articles are related to math, puzzles, and chess issues, and they are excellent sources of information if you want to know more about how math, chess, and puzzles could be integrated.

Ho Math Chess is continuing research in finding and creating the most suitable and effective teaching math material using chess. 


28 Dec 2014    Math Franchise Opportunity, What is Chinese math?

In 2014, we have published a few more aritcles.they can be read at the following sites:


17 Apr 2013    Problems students could face when calculating with fingers


There are many ways to train children to calculate. Some teach abacus, some use special finger method. The design of HoMath Chessworksheets encourages students to do calculations without using their fingers to do the counting forward or backwards. None of our A students and students participating in math competitions use their fingers to do basic calculations and their ability of mental math is strong than those who use fingers to count. The main reason is, without using fingers; students will develop strong number sense and are able to see steps ahead when working on math problems.

17 Apr 2013    Comparisons of Frankho ChessDoku to Calcudoku

Frankho ChessDoku was invented by a Canadian math teacher Frank Ho. Seeing the popularity of Sudoku but with no computation capability, Frank decided to do something about it so Frank used his invented Geometry Chess Symbols (Canada Trademark TMA771400, copyright 1069744) along with Sudoku created the Frankho ChessDoku in 2008. Frankho ChessDoku is a unique puzzle which combines chess and Sudoku and is specially designed for children to solve arithmetic Sudoku by following chess moves. In 2009 Frank Ho and his wife Amanda Ho jointly published a Frankho Math and Chess Puzzles for Children workbook. This workbook is now available from www.amazon.com.

19 Mar 2013    How to raise math competition ability quickly

A student's math competition ability takes time to develop and the math competition ability is raised gradually through continually working on math problems, but is there any way that a student's ability (say the students are already at grade 6 or grade 7) could be raised more quickly than normally could have done when student had not had the time to work on some math competition problems at younger age? In other words, how do we train a late bloomer to prepare for math contests?

5 Mar 2013    My experience of teaching children with math disability or dyscalculia

A few years back, I started to teach some children as young as 4 or 5 years old and I noticed that some of them seem to have tremendous difficulties in doing math when compared to their similar age group of children. I started to do some research and then found out some of them having the signs of dyscalculia. I compared the problems they encountered to the reported symptoms described in the research papers and found the descriptions in most of the research papers published so far were not detailed enough and also no remediation worksheets were suggested. I had headaches in teaching these dyscalculia children, so I started to document their problems and how I tackled their problems because I was interested in finding a way to help these struggling children and their frustrated parents. I made progresses and also have gained many insights in teaching these children and also produced a workbook based on my teaching experiences with those dyscalculia children to help pre-k and kindergarten children to overcome their math learning problems. 

This article is to summarize all of the last 4 years of teaching experience of dyscalculia children by reporting my observations and also offer some suggestions on how to help them. To help parents or educators understand dyscalculia, I feel we must understand what is dyscalculia and what sings might tell us if a child has dyscalculia, and the most important is .what we can do about it.

26 Dec 2011    Why Ho Math and Chess workbook benefits children?

What’s wrong with the traditional drill computation? From my tutoring point of view, there is nothing wrong to give them to children for practice on fluency and grasp of basics. However, there is something wrong form children’s point of view that is they are boring, dull and not fun. Why children feel that way?

26 Dec 2011    Comparison of Ho Math Chess workbook to the traditional math workbook

What’s wrong with the traditional drill computation? From my tutoring point of view, there is nothing wrong to give them to children for practice on fluency and grasp of basics. However, there is something wrong form children’s point of view that is they are boring, dull and not fun. Why children feel that way?

24 Jul 2011    Use algebra or arithmetic to solve elementary math word problems?

The algebraic method is good because it is thought (and in fact it is true) as a universal way to solve all kinds of elementary math word problems, but is it always true? My research shows in most cases, it is; especially some word problems like Chickens and Rabbits, Age problems, Work problems, Travelling problems, % applications etc can be "easily" solved by using algebra but some word problems actually are awkward to use algebra, so the teaching of elementary math word problems can be raised to a bit higher level that is to show students in what situations, it is better off to use algebra and in what cases, the arithmetic method actually is superior than algebra.

11 May 2011    Chess is boring

Chess can be boriing if it is not taught in a correct way and kids could get turned off by playing chess without thinking at all. Chess play is boring if kids simply play chess like pushing a set of "wooden" toys.

6 Apr 2011    Ho Math and Chess creates revolutionary math workbooks

To run a successful math specialty learning centre, there are three important objectives which must be achieved. The most important one is student’s day school math mark must show improvement. The other two are parents must be able to see the teaching value and the children must like the program. With the approval of trademark of Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre’s invention of Geometry Chess Symbol, we are able to create some disruptive, revolutionary math workbooks which are out of this world, and we are also very pleased to announce that we are able to achieve these three important objectives as mentioned above with the creation of our unique products.

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