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Ho Math Chess at home offers web-based online, real time, one-on-one tutoring. 


The details of Vancouver West Ho Math Chess program can be found by clicking HERE何数棋谜温西 课程内容 请按.

 何数棋谜   独创棋谜式趣味数学  培养金点子头脑

 Ho Math Chess fosters children's creative minds. 

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What is Ho Math?



Ho Math Chess is based in Vancouver, Canada.  math tutoring child education franchise summer education camp summer camp
Headquarters (Vancouver West) Address: 6272 East Boulevard (& Eest 47th),

Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6M 3V7 math tutor private chess coach summer

Phone 604-263-4321 or 604-781-3688 for a free assessment or franchise details 

Email: fho1928@gmail.com   


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