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7 Feb 2008

Finding Math and Chess Learning Center as Easy as 1 2 3
Frank Ho

Founder at Ho Math and Chess Learning Center

Canada certified math teacher

Vancouver, BC, Canada
As the founder of Ho Math and Chess Learning Center, the world’s first and largest math and chess truly integrated learning center, I can speak from my own experience on how to find a math and chess truly integrated learning center and why it is advantageous to learn math from a math and chess truly integrated learning center.
I have been researching math and chess connection subject and had created the world’s first math and chess integrated workbook because my son Andrew was interested in chess at age 6 and he was the youngest Canadian junior chess champion at age 12 and later he became a FIDE chess master.
I coined the term “math and chess learning center” in 1995 and since then the concept of integrating chess into math has become commercially popular but those places claiming to offer math and chess classes still just teach math and chess as two separate subjects and there is no real connection between math and chess. The math and chess true  integration is only possible at Ho Math and Chess because I have invented the technology to make the connection happening and this is why Ho Math and Chess is only the learning center where math and chess are truly integrated.
Why integrate math and chess? The reason is by using Ho Math and Chess invented technology we have created an innovative math worksheets which are more fun for children to work with and children are more focused and feel less boring. When working on math and chess integrated workbooks, not only children can raise their math marks, they also improve their critical thinking skill and the most important is these workbooks are fun to work with.
How can we tell if a learning center or course labeled as “math and chess” does truly integrate chess it math? Only Ho Math and Chess has the patented technology to integrate math and chess so my honest advice is to really follow the following 3 steps:

      1.   Investigate
            To find out if the math and chess truly integrated material is offered.

2.     Compare
Ho Math and Chess got involved in math and chess integrated teaching because its founder Frank Ho has researched the subject of math and chess teaching for over 10 years and he is the authority in the field.
3.      Decide
Only after one has done comparison and investigation, can one really make the correct decision.
More details about fun math, chess and puzzles and over 100 testimonials, visit www.mathandchess.com.

Frank Ho


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