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5 Feb 2008

How to Find a Good Vancouver Summer Program on Math
Frank Ho, Amanda Yang
Teachers at Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada
We have been running an math specialty learning center in Vancouver for over 10 years and also both of our children went to all kinds of summer programs in Vancouver so we would like to share our own experience on how to find a good summer math camp or math program offered by learning centers in Vancouver. There are a few tale signs one can use to screen summer programs and these earlier warning signs can be used equally to evaluate summer programs offered in other cities as well.
1.     To teach what one knows the best.
Check out if the math program offered is the learning center’s expertise. If an math learning center all the sudden starts to offer computer course without up-to-dated hardware or a computer room in place then you may wonder if the learning center is out to make a quick buck? Or if the learning center is teaching mainly math but start to offer Chinese chess or other courses in the summer and the director or owner has no interest in playing chess then you may start to wonder what is their teaching philosophy or intention to offer these “out-of-core” courses?
2.     Check out the learning center’s teaching philosophy.
What is the learning center’s teaching philosophy of offering the summer math program? What kind of teaching method is being used? If the learning center cannot explain clearly to you but only copies other center’s ideas then this serves as a warning sign that you may have sent children to a wrong place.
The important deciding factor is don’t go to a place where the math and chess teaching is not their specialty if you want to have children to learn both math and chess in a fun way. Don’t go to a place to learn chess where the owner or director does not even know anything about chess or has nothing to say about its teaching philosophy.
Do diligently and carefully check out the facility offered. The worst is parents did not check out facility and send children to a place where no suitable facility is offered such as a separate computer room or a separate chess play room.
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Frank Ho, Amanda Yang


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