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29 Jan 2008

How to Find a Good Vancouver Math Tutor
Frank Ho, Amanda Yang
Teachers at Ho Math and Chess Learning Center, Canada
What makes it special to be a math tutor in Vancouver? This question can be answered by asking How to Find a Good Beijing Math Tutor of being an expatriated Canadian family in China? So the qualifications of being a good math tutor vary when the location of tutoring is changed. Obviously it takes some extra considerations of being a good math tutor in a city like Vancouver of having such a diversified culture heritage.
Vancouver has a large percentage of Asian children with their parents as the first generation immigrants so if the math tutor can communicate to this newly welcomed group with their own native spoken languages, it will be a sign of relief while these children and parents are struggling to learn the local language.
Culture difference in terms of having how much homework also plays a important role in educating children while some of their parents revaluate the different education value and system. Without giving any homework or too little homework often gives the impression that some parents feel that their children are not learning anything.
Parents like to see the results, so after paying fees for months and without seeing any tangible results then suspicion starts to settle in and parents will be wondering if this math tutor is a good one or not? 
To be a good tutor in Vancouver, a tutor needs to be sensitive in culture difference and be adaptable and meet the different requirements of parents with different culture backgrounds. A math tutor constantly takes the attitude of “educating” parents will not win parents’ hearts. On the contrary those tutors who are willing to listen and be adaptable and takes time to find out what the parents want from tutoring because of culture difference in terms of education perception will be welcomed by parents and children.
Ho Math and Chess is an international only child education franchise dedicated to teaching children math through math and chess integrated workbooks (patents applied) and is willing to listen to parents’ requirements and offers what they want for their children that is to provide a place where children can learn math with fun and also see their children’s marks go higher and their math ability improves.

Frank Ho and Amanda Yang


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