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13 Jan 2008

How to Find a Good Elementary Math Tutor
Frank Ho
Teacher and founder of Ho Math and Chess
Judging from my own math tutoring experience, the method for teaching primary students is different from teaching secondary students. How to make math fun is a very important objective in tutoring primary students.
From a primary student’s point of view, it is not the class lecture that makes math interesting; rather they are those fun and interesting math activities, which inspire them and keep their interest going. Working on math worksheets provides a good opportunity for math teacher to challenge children to excel and make them feel fun but most of today’s math worksheets are not achieving this purpose.
Old format of organizing problems in top-down or left-right worksheets do not encourage children to develop their thinking skills other than for the sole purpose of learning basic computations.
Today’s children are doing multi-task and are involving in all kinds of multi-media in their daily life, so the way of working on monotonic worksheets appears to be very dull and boring to them. Is it possible to come up with some worksheets, which are fun to work with and also they can improve children’s math ability? One way of doing it is to use game-based and adventurous worksheets to spark children’s curiosity in learning. Ho Math and Chess has invented math and chess integrated worksheets, so children are required to work through a few of  interrelated logic relationships with built-in math concepts by analyzing problems to come up with an answer. Not only children improve their math skills, then can also use the skills learned in class to play chess and have fun.
To be a good elementary math tutor, one needs to let children work on some worksheets that are both fun and educational.
For samples on some fun and game-based worksheets, visit www.mathandchess.com. 

Frank Ho


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