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31 Dec 2007

How to Find a Learning Center Franchise Using Good Math Worksheets
Frank Ho
Teacher and founder of Ho Math and Chess
Math is not about just teaching computation, not are the most important results to get awards for math contests or how high marks one could get on SAT. Even though these tangible results do serve short term-goal in one’s life. From my view as a math teacher with over 15 years of teaching from kindergarten to grade 12, I see there is one more important long term goal for doing math reasonably well that is to train their creativity skill for their future.
So how to choose a good math learning center which trains children’s thinking mind? The first step is to look at what is the learning center’s teaching philosophy? It is not enough by only understanding the teaching philosophy, one must check to see if they do what they say? What happens if all learning center does is basically to just drill children or give them with assembled materials with very little training for thinking skill?  
What is wrong with the traditional math worksheets? What is wrong is the style of worksheets which have not progressed in pace with the advancement of technology. We see many toys made today are so different from, say, just a few years ago with new technologies such as sound, screen, and transformations capabilities etc. capabilities. But how about the math worksheets children are working today? Not much has changed in terms of the computation sheets. They are still dull and boring. Today, children are getting all kinds of information from different media. Children are multi-tasking on many “toys” which are multi-function and multi-operation so do our computation worksheets reflect the life our children are living in now? These worksheets are out of dated simply because they have not caught up with the change of society. Children are downloading/uploading, viewing, instant messaging, and playing games and even calculating – all these are converged into one small device. But our old worksheets only do one function that is to train how to add, subtract, multiply or divide etc. for primary students, so why these children shall feel happy by doing the dreaded worksheets? In reality, children today even as young as kindergarten to grade 4 don’t just process information by using only 4 operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.  They process information using images or numbers and they need to sort, classify, match, compare, compute, browse from one web address to another to complete their tasks. Children are used to multi-function and multi-task, multi-concept type of information.
Is there such a thing that math worksheets can be created so they will be fun-oriented that children can play with numbers and be rewarded with satisfying and with great fun. Ho Math and Chess has created a series of math and chess integrated workbooks to put math, fun, thinking, creativity, and memory improvement all together. Ho Math and Chess simply uses international chess as a tool to converge the information of images, patterns, sorting, comparison, matching, tables, etc. all together on computation worksheets to better reflect what children are facing or already doing today. Ho Math and Chess has successfully created the world’s first math and chess integrated workbook by using its proprietary intellectual product Geometry Chess Symbol. The astonishing result is children are more willing to work on Ho math and Chess worksheets than working on traditional worksheets. They are more engaged in the Ho Math and Chess activities when compared working on the traditional worksheets. With Ho Math and Chess worksheets, children learn math in a fun way.  
It is important no only one will look at the teaching philosophy of a learning center, but also to find out if the learning center has worksheets to back up what it is claimed. One should ask this question: Do the worksheets speak for the learning center’s teaching philosophy?
More information on How to Find a Learning Center Franchise Using Good Math Worksheets can be found at www.mathandchess.com.

Frank Ho


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