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Ho to Use Chess to Improve Math
25 Dec 2007

How to Use Chess to Improve Math
Frank Ho
Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre
BC certified Teacher
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Some math educators seem to feel math problems can be divided into 2 parts, one is pure computation and the other is problem solving - this claim is evident by examining the textbooks used in schools. When looking at the worksheets offered for elementary students, this seems to be very logic since there is “nothing” could be related to numbers used in the computational problems to enhance thinking ability. How can computation and thinking type of problem be included in the traditional  computation problems such as 2 + 3? One of the answers is to integrate chess into math.
To integrate chess into math curriculum does not mean math and chess are taught under the same roof and in the same classroom. Chess has to be logically and reasonably integrated into math material by using the special characteristics of chess. Ho Math and Chess invented a patent applied Symbol Chess Language so chess and math are successfully integrated together.  
By integrating chess into math problem, a simple computation problem such as 2 + 3 becomes an interesting and puzzle-like problem, children have to analyze chess images using spatial relation by analyzing tables, symbols, and observe patterns using tables or list to convert symbols into numbers and only at this stage, can children come up with an answer.  Children feel this is much fun and thrilled than traditional worksheets. This process requires children to use both left and right brains so Ho Math and Chess integrated worksheets are a total brain activities. The final result is to improve their learning in math, thinking and creativity. Ho Math and Chess can achieve this purpose by using its own proprietary intellectual products: Geometry Chess Language, Frankho Chess Maze, Image numbers, and Ho Math and Chess Teaching Set.
The Ho Math and Chess Teaching Set can teach children as young as 4 years old. In addition to learning chess, the additional benefit is to improve children’s memory since it allows children to play half-blind chess in such a way that the other play’s chess pieces are not seen without blind folding players’ eyes.
All these products are world’s first. Math and chess integrated program can improve math, problem solving ability, advance chess knowledge and also improve memory.

Frank Ho


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