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Arithmetic Sudoku
17 Apr 2013

 Comparing Frankho ChessDoku and CalcuDoku 




Frank Ho, Amanda Ho 

April, 2013 

Math teachers at Ho Math Chess Learning Centre, Vancouver, Canada




Introduction of ChessDoku


Frankho ChessDokuwas invented by a Canadian math teacher Frank Ho (1, 2). Seeing the popularity of Sudoku but with no computation capability, Frank decided to do something about it so Frank used his invented Geometry Chess Symbols (Canada Trademark TMA771400, copyright 1069744) along with Sudoku created the Frankho ChessDoku in 2008. Frankho ChessDoku is a unique puzzle which combines chess and Sudoku and is specially designed for children to solve arithmetic Sudoku by following chess moves. In 2009 Frank Ho and his wife Amanda Ho jointly published a Frankho Math and Chess Puzzles for Children workbook. This workbook is now available from www.amazon.com.


Frank always has an idea about teaching math that is students should always be encouraged and be given a chance to THINK, and it means even when they are doing pure computation problems. This is the reason he has created many computation workbooks without obvious problems presented to children, instead children have to figure out what to do by going through a puzzle-like thinking process. Chess + Sudoku = Fun Frankho ChessDoku


The pleasure of working on these kinds of workbooks could be very well described by a famous classical Chinese poem山重水复疑无路,柳暗花明又一村(Equivalent English phrase is seeing light at the end of tunnel.)

Frank has described the feeling, in Chinese rhyming sentences (打油诗), when working on our math, chess and puzzles integrated workbooks as follows.Its meaning is mainly to describe the miracle of puzzles.


只见棋谜不见题  劝君迷路不哭涕

数学象棋加谜题  健脑思维眞神奇


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Frank Ho, Amanda Ho


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