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26 Dec 2011


Comparison between HoMath Chess worksheets and traditional worksheets


Frank Ho

 Founder of Ho Math Chess Learning Centre

Vancouver, Canada



What’s wrong with the traditional drill computation? From my tutoring point of view, there is nothing wrong to give them to children for practice on fluency and grasp of basics. However, there is something wrong form children’s point of view that is they are boring, dull and not fun. Why children feel that way? Well, time has changed but the format of traditional computation worksheets has not caught up with the pace of the society. The future belongs to a generation who understands how to process information and the information might include digits, bytes, numbers, graphics, images, languages, symbols, equations etc. Children today might chat with others on the internet, while downloading or uploading files and viewing movie clips at the same time. Multi-tasking and the multi-way of processing information seem to have come as a second nature to children, but is our computation format reflecting the way that children are living today? Certainly not, this is one reason why children feel so bored and lost interest to continue to work on the same ”old” style of computation worksheets with pencil and paper.

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Frank Ho, Amanda Ho


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