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6 Apr 2011

Ho Math and Chess creates revolutionary math workbooks


Frank Ho and Amanda Ho


Teachers at Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre, Canada


April 6, 2011




To run a successful math specialty learning centre, there are three important objectives which must be achieved. The most important one is student’s day school math mark must show improvement. The other two are parents must be able to see the teaching value and the children must like the program. With the approval of trademark of Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre’s invention of Geometry Chess Symbol, we are able to create some disruptive, revolutionary math workbooks which are out of this world, and we are also very pleased to announce that we are able to achieve these three important objectives as mentioned above with the creation of our unique products. We are able to reach an important milestone because of the following reasons.


  1. The founder of Ho Math and Chess, Frank Ho, discovered the secret code which links math and chess by inventing the Geometry Chess Symbols and also trademarked the symbols. As a result, many products such as Ho Math and Chess Teaching set, Frankho Puzzle, and Frankho Maze were created.


  1. Ho Math and Chess is the first learning centre in the world creates math, chess, and puzzles integrated workbooks.


  1. Ho Math and Chess also has developed the workbooks to boost children’s brain power using math, chess and puzzles integrated technology.


  1. Ho Math and Chess has created enriched material for more advanced students.


  1. Ho Math and Chess invented Ho Math and Chess teaching set especially designed for young children thus kids as young as 4-year old can learn chess much faster the using the traditional 3-D chess set.


  1. Ho Math and Chess created special math and chess integrated workbooks for kindergarteners.


Ho Math and Chess materials make children like to learn math when compared to the use of traditional math worksheets. At Ho Math and Chess, not only children learn math, they also learn chess and work on puzzles to improve their brain power at the same time.


Frank Ho, Amanda Ho


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