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26 Dec 2009


How to Run Math Franchise Successfully
Frank Ho, Amanda Ho
Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre
Canada, BC certified math teacher
Vancouver, BC, Canada
The other day, some one suggested to me that Ho Math and Chessshall also offer SAT course, I asked why? I was told that there is a demand and also many learning centers now offer SAT courses. The reason for Ho Math and Chess also jumps on the band wagon seems to be convincing but I would prefer to look at this issue in a long term view and this prompts me to spend next few days to ponder on a topic that is just how to run a math franchised centre and be successful? If I know the answer correctly then it will also answer the perplexed question if Ho Math and Chess should offer SAT and also many other similar type of questions?
A franchised math-learning centre will never make to the international stage if it just acts as a follower. Ho Math and Chess constantly evolves and innovates, many new workbooks were created because we know they are more efficient and will help children to improve math, much like the idea of pharmaceutics companies continuously looking for new and improved drugs. It is cumbersome that students have to work on different sets of worksheets to get a combined effects of improving math, fun with puzzles and brain power improvement so Ho Math and Chess invented multi-functionmath worksheetsto not only improve student’s math ability but also improve their problem solving ability and all these are done in a fun environment.
A franchised math-learning center must have a clear teaching philosophy. All workbooks and teaching programs are developed based on its philosophy, otherwise, the franchised learning center may just simply become a tutoring center for marks, and that is all. With this kind of narrow pedagogical view, this kind of franchised math learning center will not have its uniqueness and one-of-its-kind teaching materials. Why Ho Math and Chess has to offer something just because others are offering? Ho Math and Chess stands out above crowd because of its uniqueness in recognizing a niche in tutoring and its most effective workbooks.
It takes time and efforts to develop teaching materials and comes up with standardized teaching system so that a good franchised math learning center will not just hastily jump on a hot product for a short term gain. What happens if SAT is no longer required for universities entrance requirement?
A good and successful franchised math-learning center must be unique and be different from others in its teaching philosophy and reflected its philosophy in its student workbooks or teaching materials. Not only students will increase math marks under guidance, they must also enjoy the program and feel it is really fun to work with and this cannot be achieved by having a snappy marketing slogan. This is the reason that Ho Math and Chess spend large proportion of its time and efforts in writing workbooks and creating programs, which are for long-term view. Many sustainable products like math, chess and puzzles integrated workbooks, Frankho Puzzle, Frankho Maze, Amandaho Puzzle, and Brainpower Math are all created for long-term view.
A franchised math learning centre’s brand name is most effective when students and parents can identify it through its unique teaching method and one-of-its-kind workbooks, A successful franchised math learning must be a leader and not a follower in creating innovative products and have a standardized teaching method.


Frank Ho, Amanda Ho


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