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17 Dec 2009


What makes math learning fun
Frank Ho, Amanda Ho
Canada certified math teacher at Ho Math and Chess
Parents use math marks as a guideline to see if their children’s math have improved, there is nothing wrong with it. My personal experience is I will feel much relaxed if my tutored student has improved to a stage that math tutoring is fun for both of us. The atmosphere is very relaxed and I can see that the student is enjoying the fun of math learning. The student’s attitude and facial expression are all very relaxed and reaction is very exciting and happy.
So what makes math learning fun? It definitely is not just school math marks. If a math learning centre is only concentrating on improving a student’s math marks then this alone will not make students feel math learning is fun, it only makes them feel good because their parents may be very happy, still many will not feel fun in math learning. Students think math learning fun is because they really enjoy the thrill of working out or discovering solutions on their own. They enjoy the feelings of discovery and this feeling makes them feel math learning is not boring. The feeling of fun math learning comes from the feeling of students themselves, not from just getting A in math marks.
How can I tell if students are enjoying math? How can I tell if my children are enjoying the food cooked by me? It is because the expression and body language my children have expressed made me know that children are enjoying The same feeling applies to children when they working on math, if children are truly enjoying math then their body languages and feelings are very different from those who do not truly enjoy working on math.
How to make math enjoyable for children? Why math normally does not make children feel enjoyable? Mainly because many math worksheets have not been created in an innovative way. Ho Math and Chess has been created worksheets and observed how children have responded to those worksheets. Their facial expressions and body language signal us if they enjoy those worksheets or not. By comparison, we find out what kinds of worksheets they like or dislike. Ho Math and Chess has been spent efforts on improving math worksheets. Only by making products, which are innovative and different from others, can Ho math and Chess stands out above crowd. A good set of math worksheets can help students develop good work habits and also develop good thinking skills. How can a student have good math techniques without a set of good math worksheets given to them?
A good set of math worksheets encourages thinking process and let children enjoy the results of being able to think. A good set of math worksheets not only teaches but also help children constantly review those concepts, which have learned and even learn something ahead. A good set of math worksheets can prepare students for test, catch up or get ahead in one area or many subjects areas.
It is not enough to just read a glossy brochure to understand a learning center, parents shall look for substance, a caring learning center will develop math worksheets which not only sharpens children’s computation skills but also improving their thinking ability.

Frank Ho, Amanda Ho


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