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8 Nov 2009


How can you tell if a Math and Chess tutoring centre is a math and chess really integrated one
Frank Ho, Amanda Ho
Ho Math and Chess Teachers
Some tutoring centres might offer programs with the program title “math and chess”. A math tutoring centre Ho Math and Chess also offers math and chess programs. Many parents and students got confused because of all these confusing names. How can parents or students tell one math and chess program from the other? We attempt to shed some light on how one can tell if a program is a “real and genuine” math and chess integrated program and how it will affect a child’s learning in math ability.
The real math and chess integrated program is not to just hire a chess coach to teach chess at a math learning centre, instead a real math and chess program is to have math and chess integrated as one teaching program. The real math and chess program has built a very cohesive relation between math and chess using math, chess, and puzzles integrated workbooks. The math and chess integrated workbooks actually “guide” students to see how math and chess are related.
How math and chess integrated teaching method got started?
The Ho Math and Chessmethod, developed by a Canadian math teacher Frank Ho [1], is a mathematics teaching method by integrating chess and puzzles into mathematics curriculum.
Frank Ho taught chess to his son Andrew when he was 5 years old[2]. Andrew was the Canadian junior chess champion at age 14[3] and later was awarded FIDE chess master [4].
In 1995, Ho was intrigued by the relationship between chess and math and took the initiative to write a math and chess integrated workbook entitled Mathematical Chess Puzzles for Juniors (ISBN 0-9683967-0-4, library catalogue number QA95.H6 1998 j793.7’4). The theory basis of Ho’s math and chess teaching method was published in the official Journal of the British Columbia Association of Mathematics Teachers in Canada[5].
The Program
Ho believes children learn best while having fun, so he integrated chess and puzzles into math teaching, this way children learn math, chess, and puzzles all at the same time and children also have the opportunities to work on math, chess, and puzzles integrated worksheets. Ho invented Frankho Maze and Frank Ho Puzzle [6]. He also invented a chess teaching set so that children as young as 4 years old can learn chess with ease. The concept about this chess set is published in [5].
Ho Math and Chess learning centre
In 1995, Ho opened his first Ho Math and Chess learning centre in Vancouver, Canada and after 2004, Ho Math and Chess began to open around the world [7].
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Amanda Ho, Frank Ho


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