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2 Aug 2004

About Fun Math Puzzles for Juniors



There are a lot of word-oriented resources on computation and problem-solving workbooks. Quite often I have found that more time seems to be spent on explaining the meanings of these problems before the students could actually work on them. I was searching for some math puzzles that did not require students to read lengthy questions so that they could immediately use their math skills to solve the problems. Yet, I was not able to find one. This gave me the idea of creating a special math and logic puzzle book for juniors and the uniqueness of that book will be no requirement to read a lengthy English question before the problem could be solved. This is why my daughter Meghan and I created this book.


Fun Math Puzzles for Juniors is a unique book. All the puzzles in the book are completely based on the relationships of numbers, patterns, tables, operational symbols etc. Its purpose is to learn problem-solving skills through over 100 mind provoking and sometimes mind boggling math puzzles. Only the elementary math ability is needed to solve most of these puzzles. There is no requirement for comprehending English problems. Instead, all the questions can be  answered by studying the relationships between numbers and/or symbols.


This book is written for grade 1 and above.


Fun Math Puzzles for Juniors is an ideal resource for parents, teachers or students who are interested in using puzzles to enhance the problem-solving ability. It is also suitable to students who have yet to master the English language since there is no English description before each problem. 


Symbols like ª©§¨ are used frequently throughout the book to let students familiarize the abstract ideas. These symbols help students understand that different symbols may have the same value and also the same symbol may have different values in other problems. After finishing the entire book, the students should better understand the meanings of variables. The concepts and skills of how to solve word problems using diagrams, variables, number lines, equations, comparisons, tables etc. are instilled in various questions.


These puzzles can be used as supplemental material for problem-solving in math class or as an excellent introduction material before working on word problems. They can also be used alone to improve one’s analytical ability by discovering the logical relationships after analysing these puzzles.


I would like to thank the students at Vancouver Math and Chess Puzzle Centre, who have helped me in fine tuning some of the puzzles. 



Frank Ho, 1998

Frank Ho


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