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26 Nov 2008


The Future Trend of Math Learning Center


Frank Ho


Canada certified math teacher and founder of Ho Math and Chess



Will the way of math teaching change in the future? I think so, especially in the elementary schools. The idea of just giving traditional math worksheets to children for them to work on and expect them to do math well will become an increasingly unpopular method of teaching math. It is boring and it is not what children wanted and children had never given any choices as to what kinds of worksheets they wanted, they were simply told to work on them. In contrast, there were given choices when walking into a restaurant, shall the food for thoughts be any different?


Why haven’t we math educators come up with some different styles of math worksheets, which children like or enjoy? The idea of mixing math with some kind of fun puzzles or games is the future of how to become a successful after-school math learning center. These worksheets can not be created just for the sake of children’s interest alone but must also serve the purpose of increasing children’s math ability as well. This trend is most important for children age 4 to 13 years old since they do not want to work on boring math worksheets.


A good math and game worksheet has the following characteristics:


·       Unique math worksheets created by integrating math and games.

·       Do not require any high-level math skills other than basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, factoring, logic, comparison, pattern recognization and visualization.

·       Game knowledge required is very elementary.

·       Do not require lots of teaching to know how to solve the problem yet it takes time to get answers right.

·       It is good for young kids as well as adults to train their brains.


One good example of math and game integrated worksheets is Ho Math and Chess worksheets which combines Sudoku, chess and logic all in one.  


More details can be found at www.mathandchess.com


Frank Ho


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