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27 Oct 2008


Intrinsic Value of Using Math and Chess Integrated Worksheets


Frank Ho, Amanda Ho


Teachers at Ho Math and Chess



A set of well-designed math worksheets has soul and feeling to their users since the creator of math worksheets is sending a strong message to children what he wants children to learn.


Many parents have wondered if today’s fast paced world including fast food concept and the internet age products such as cell phones, instant messages, downloading music etc. have contributed the problems for some children who have short attention span when learning math? It may be so, but why don’t we look at today’s math worksheets, which children are working on and see if they have changed in today’s learning environment?


Many math worksheets still use the idea of single operation and monotonic uniform style of drill. Can we really blame children who show no interest in working on these kinds of worksheets? Math worksheets have not brought up to the speed to keep up with the world, which our children live in today.


Traditional math worksheets are dull and tend to be repetitious in nature. As a consequence, they are boring to children. Some game-based teaching ideas do not really incorporate math, so there is a problem that children are unable to achieve the target of being fluent in computing. We have successfully brought chess into math and created math and chess integrated worksheets. Math and chess integrated worksheets are not just to teach kids basic computation, they also are to train children to improve their attention span, increase their perseverance and patience. They can improve children’s ability in pattern visualization. The integrated worksheets teach children on how to organize tasks in systematic approach, train children’s to be familiar with symbols.


A good working habit is equally important in children’s learning; math and chess integrated material provides children with learning opportunities in sorting, collating, and analyzing information.


More details on math and chess integrated worksheets can be found at www.mathandchess.com.

Amanda Yang


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