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25 Apr 2008


What is Kumon Chess™?


 April 25, 2008-09-02


Frank Ho


BC certified math teacher


Founder of Ho Math and Chess™




Ho Math and Chess is the only international child education franchise dedicated to teaching math using chess. The chess program at Ho Math and Chess is also called Kumon Chess™.


I got involved in chess because my son was interested in chess when he was 5 years old. My chess knowledge was none when I started to teach him chess. After my devotion of over 15 years of research and teaching in math and chess, I have published over 20 math and chess integrated workbooks and have written over 30 math and chess related articles, my chess play level certainly is far from being a master. Yet I taught and coached my son chess and he is a FIDE and Canadian chess master. This is achievable mainly due to my chess training method. I have invented a chess teaching method by asking students to work on small increment but repetitive style pattern of chess worksheets, this method of teaching for some beginner students are effective if not for all.


From my point of view, my Kumon Chess™ has been very successful in developing a teaching method which is very consistent and effective in teaching chess and its instruction mainly relies on worksheets. The delivery of instruction is very efficient and the operation of running a business is also very streamlined.


Some parents like the idea of being able to go to a place where the education delivery system is efficient and effective.


Kumon Chess™ is able to deliver in a streamlined and efficient way and its results are very effective because its teaching method includes Ho Math and ChessTeaching Set, and Geometry Chess Symbol (patents pending). Kumon Chess™ is especially beneficial for some chess beginners to learn chess.


Kumon Chess™ and Ho Math and Chess™ are copyrighted and trademarks of Ho Math and Chess headquartered in Canada.

Frank Ho


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