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19 May 2008


Why Go To a Game-based

Math Learning Centre?





Frank Ho, Amanda Yang 


Teachers of Ho Math and Chess




If Starbucks has revolutionized the idea on how coffee should be marketed then perhaps Frank Ho, a Canadian certified math teacher, has revolutionized the math teaching methodology on how math should be taught especially at a math learning centre for elementary students.


Children already learned math at their day schools, so why they continue to spend time to learn math at an after-school supplemental math program? The answers may vary but perhaps are very similar to respond to a similar question on why children having P.E. classes at schools but still continue to go to an after-school soccer program or a baseball program? Some to get better and some to reinforce basic skills learned and some simply need more instructional time. Above all, it is fun. But is math a fun subject form children’s eyes? The answers we will get, from most children, perhaps will be a no answer. Why is it? It is because that math skill is a skill which needs to be practiced to get it right when tested just like to hit a baseball or play a chess game, the children need to practice it a lot. But from a child’s eye, the practice of hitting a baseball or playing chess is much more fun than working on math worksheets. How do we as educators to make math learning not only educational but also fun?


Over the past 10 years, Ho Math and Chess has been embarking a project on how to improve math worksheets so that they can become much fun than traditional math worksheets for children to work on. Math worksheets can be made more interesting by integrating chess into math. However math and chess integration does not mean to have a chess lesson given along with a math lesson under the same roof since this way the math worksheets do not integrate the fun part of chess into math.


By using the innovative technology of Ho Math and Chess’ invention of Geometry Chess Symbols and Ho Math and Chess Teaching Set; a set of innovative, game-based and puzzle-like math worksheets are created.


Children are more focused and more engaged when working on math and chess integrated worksheets. The purpose of integration is not to train children to become a future chess star rather to spark their interest in math and get them involved in more math work with fun and interest than traditional math worksheets could possibly have influenced them.


The math and chess integrated worksheets are a delight for most of children. They inspire children and help them to understand the underlying math concepts and getting children excited about doing math.


Working on math and chess integrated worksheets, children are more enthusiastic about math since math and chess integrated worksheets create a level of excitement and entertainment that other math worksheets can not achieve.


Math and chess integrated worksheets and teaching method is not a novelty, they do bring up children’s math marks at schools and also improve their math IQ and problem solving skills.


The future of math earning centers will be more and more towards the integration of entertainment and education not just to have the game and math co-exist in the same classroom but a true integration in terms of teaching and math worksheets.


Testimonials, more research articles written by Frank Ho and Amanda Yang

on math and chess integration teaching can be found at www.mathandchess.com. 


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Frank Ho


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