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18 May 2008


Math Worksheets Children Like


Frank Ho, Amanda Yang


Canada certified math teachers at  Ho Math and Chess



Many children like chess, why? Simply put, it is a game and it is fun and children can play it without using a computer. Can you image nowadays that parents are telling me that their children spend too much time on computers playing games? Parents do not want to see children continue to use computer at learning centers any more since their children become near-sighted by spending too much time on the computer. This article is not about if the use of computer could potentially harm children’s eyes but to find out how to direct children’s interest to do math.


We find out most children will frown on drill type of math worksheets since this kind of worksheets are boring and repetitive and do not motivate them and they will not get children engaged into doing unless they get ORDER from adults. But if we can have a game type of worksheets married to math then at least this integrated product offers some incentive for children to do math since the fun game is what they would like to do. This is how we have created math and chess worksheets. Children learn best while they having fun of doing it.


Children like mazes. They are adventuresome and interesting. It gives children a feeing of reward when the problem is solved and children feel better when they are challenged mentally. The difficulty is how to marry math and mazes? The problem has been solved by integrating math into chess mazes. This is the birth of Frankho Chess Mazes. A chess maze not only is fun to play but it also teaches geometry concepts and trains children’s visualization and orientation.


Some children were born with sensitive number sense but some children can be trained to be more alert with numbers, patterns, and symbols. Chess serves as a good tool to combine with math so to provide an innovative way of training children to be more aware with number patterns, and relationship between numbers. This is the marriage of IQ and chess, IQ Chess provides opportunities to train children’s math IQ and improve their brain power.


By use the technology of Geometry Chess Symbols invented by Mr. Frank Ho, children are able to work on an array of different math worksheets, which are to be more entertaining, more fun and more interesting.


For more details on how math and chess integrated worksheets can raise children’s math marks with fun, visit www.mathandchess.com.

Frank Ho, Amanda Yang


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