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Ho Math Chess Tutoring Learning Centre History
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In 1995, Frank Ho started a learning centre called Vancouver Ho Math Chess learning Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was a computer consultant with a master's degree in statistics and now a BC certified math teacher. The history of Ho Math Chess can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iFDPJVzQtI.

Frank did not know how to play international chess at all but wanted to teach his son Andrew chess, who at that time was five years old. Andrew was taught to play chess by his father using chess books, computer software, and chess magazines. This mission resulted in Andrew becoming a youngest Canadian chess master at age of 12 and the creation of over 30 math and chess related workbooks. Frank also has presented math papers at the math conferences (Click Ho Math Chess Articles).

How did it start? In 1995, I realized there is a strong correlation between math and chess but no products were on the market that allowed youngster to work on math and chess combined questions. I didn't sit around and wait for someone else to create this product. I took the initiative and created the world's first integrated math and chess workbook for elementary students.
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Frank's idea of creating mathematical chess puzzles for the elementary students is the world's first. The set of math and chess workbooks has become an icon of unique teaching method, Ho Math and Chess Method© .

The Ho Math Chess method© is to integrate mathematical chess puzzles with mathematics. Today, Ho Math Chess method© has gradually become well known worldwide. Ten years of wonderful teaching experience of using Ho Math Chess method© in Canada has proved its success.

Frank has a bachelor's degree in Statistics and Computer Science and a Master's degree in Statistics. He worked as a Statistical Consultant both at the University of Utah and the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada for almost 20 years before he founded the Vancouver Ho Math and Chess in Canada.

The uniqueness of Ho Math and Chess is not confined to its unique workbooks and teaching methodology. Mr Frank Ho, the founder of Ho Math Chess, personally created all these wonderful workbooks and is still teaching kindergarten to grade 12 students in Vancouver Ho Math Chess.

Frank personally tested these workbooks and is continuously making efforts to improve these products. By teaching himself personally, it allows Frank to gain substantial insight into the needs of how students could improve their math knowledge and skills while exhibiting a range of learning styles and levels of interest.

A brief history of Ho Math Chess Learning Centre in chronological order is as follows:

1995 - Ho Math Chess Learning Centre founded by Frank Ho. It was located at #5, 5729 West Boulevard, Vancouver with one classroom only.


  • Ho Math Chess moved to a bigger location. It was located at #12, 5729 West Boulevard with 3 classrooms.
  • Ho Math Chess program started to offer at St. George's Summer School in Vancouver.


  •  Mathematical Chess Puzzles for Junior officially published.

1998 - Fun Math Puzzles for Juniors officially published.

1999 - Ho Math Chess moved to a location with exposure to 3-store front with 5 classrooms.The location of rooms #4 and # 6 at 2265 West 1st, Vancouver was covered with dust when discovered by Frank Ho. Frank applied for city license and arranged inspection and negotiated the lease to secure the place.

2000, 2001

Ho Math Chess math team coached by Frank Ho competed in the Mathcounts and won the third in the the most competitive Vancouver region. Because of performance, Ho Math Chess team was not allowed to compete provincially and forever banned from Mathcounts competition using the name of a learning centre. (Note: this policy has since been relaxed in 2003.)

2003 - Math Contest Preparation officially published.


  • Whole Numbers Operations - addition, subtraction published.
  • Whole Numbers Operations - multiplication, division published.
  • Whole Numbers Problem Solving and Puzzles published.
  • Fractions, Decimals, Ratio, Equations published.
  • Pre-Algebra Problem Solving Strategies published.   
  • Ho Math Chess franchise business worldwide launched. 
  • Franchisees Richmond, Burnaby, Ecuador joined Ho Math Chess Learning Centre
  • Ho Math and Chess was trademarked.


  • Magic Chess Math Puzzles 3rd generation workbook published.
  • Creation of the Magic Chess and Math Puzzles Prime for pre-schoolers.
  • Ho Math Chess trademark was approved.


  • Article on Enriching Math Using Chess approved for for publishing.
  • Peninsula Ho Math  Chess opened in California, USA
  • Palo Alto Ho Math Chess opened in California, USA
  • Chicago, Illinois Ho Math  Chess opened, USA
  • Frank gave a presentation on Chess in School Curriculum to Surrey teachers in Canada on Pro-D day.
  • Many worldwide franchisees joined Ho Math Chess this year.


  • Master Franchise in Latin America awarded.
  • Ho Math Chess continues to improve products and this year is the breakthrough year in Ho Math and chess growth history. Many new inventions and products are produced and patents are also applied.
  • Close to 30 worldwide franchisees have joined Ho Math and Chess.



  • Master franchise of all Arabic speaking countries awarded.
  • Master franchise of Singapore awarded.
  • Master franchise of Malaysia awarded.
  • Franchise in Taiwan awarded.
  • Franchise in Spain awarded.
  • Franchise in Peru awarded.
  • Frankho Chess Mazes invented and is running as a regular column in Vancouver Chinese paper.
  • IQ Chess Brainpower workbook created for children.


  • Franchise in Mexico city awarded.
  • Brainpower workbook produced
  • Copyright of Geometry Chess Symbol awarded in Canada.
  • Trademark of Geometry Chess Symbol awarded in Canada.


  • Additional new centre of Singapore Ho Math Chess opened.
  • Ho Math Chess workbook starts to sell worldwide in March.
  • Frankho Puzzles including invented Geometry Chess Symbols trademark has been approved in Canada.
  • Additional new centre of Texas Ho Math and Chess opened.
  • Awarded franchise in Nigeria.


  • Released world's first Chinese Ba Gua math for children.
  • Published world's first math, chess, and Sudoku puzzles for children workbook on www.amazon.com.
  • Releases of workbook Grade 8 and Grade 9.
  • Malaysia joins Ho Math and Chess.
  • Starts to produce Ho Math, Chess, and Puzzles worksheets for chess club. 


  • Published math workbook for preschoolers/kindergarteners on www.amazon.com.
  • Filed trademark in China.
  • Successfully field tested worksheets for chess and puzzles club.
  • Completion of Malaysia franchise training.
  • Malaysia Ho Math and Chess grand opening launched.


  • Ho Math Chess workbooks translated into Turkish.
  • Ho Math Chess Chinese trademark 何数棋谜 has been approved in China.


  • Many new Ho Math Chess workbooks are published.
  • Malaysia Ho Math Chess second location is open.


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